Quality bulk commodity dryers, aeration systems and food processing dryers

At AGRIDRY, we design and manufacture bulk commodity dryers and aeration systems for the agricultural and commercial food processing industries.

AGRIDRY is the proven market leader in Australia for mobile and stationary continuous flow, recirculating and batch dryers. Our dryers are designed with versatility at their core, enabling them to process a wide range of commodities such as grains, pulses, oil seeds, and nuts to name a few. Our research and development department is also capable of providing custom drying equipment for processing unique commodities such as wood chip, proteins, coffee and cassava.

The controlled aeration system product line is designed to ensure the effective cooling and moisture management of produce while in storage. These systems help to extend the storage time by reducing mould and insect activity, allowing grain to be stored at higher moisture.

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Get Harvesting Earlier
Shorter Harvest Period
Higher Quality & Quantity
Reduced Losses
More Harvest Hours Per Day
Better Prices

Agricultural & industrial electrical services

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Burner service & sales

Get your dryer humming with a burner repair, service or upgrade.

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Equipment maintenance, repair and upgrade

Get in touch to see how AGRIDRY can assist with your equipment service, repair or upgrade.

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