Founded in 1959 by Bill Patterson, Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO) has strived to incorporate quality and innovation into new product lines focused on in-bin grain circulation, conditioning and drying.

With over 12,000 SQM of manufacturing space, NECO combines real world, hands-on experience and state-of-the art- technology to build products from the ground up. This process enables NECO engineers and designers to control the product development process; make adjustments quickly; and utilize the latest in computer software technology to deliver continuously improving grain conditioning products.

The NECO Mixed Flow Dryer efficiently heats kernels evenly to avoid heat damage, and can be used to effectively dry all types of grain. The systems’ screen less operation and computerized moisture control deliver consistently higher quality grain per tonne, which translates into maximum value for customers.

Available in Australia through AGRIDRY.

Some points to note about AGI NECO Grain Dryers when buying through AGRIDRY:

  • Proven Technology for drying crops such as Rice, Barley, Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Hemp & Others.
  • Selection of models in the range.
  • Reference sites across North America.
  • Made with Quality components.
  • Available in Diesel or Gas fired to Australian Standards from AGRIDRY.
  • AGI SureTrack Dryer Manager integration available.
  • Selected models in stock & available now in Toowoomba.
  • Back up & support by our own employed dryer technicians when buying through AGRIDRY.

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