Intelligent Silo Monitoring & Connected Farm

In these times when elevated commodity prices are being achieved – why take the risk of not monitoring clearly and efficiently your stored commodities? AGI SureTrack takes the guess work out of unmonitored stored commodities. Additional AGI SureTrack modules can be integrated to make your farm a fully connected site bringing together a platform of sensors, probes etc to give you real time data to make decisions at the touch of a hand held device.

Available in Australia through AGRIDRY.

Some points to note about AGI SureTrack;

  • AGI SureTrack BinManager is the cornerstone of a system that integrates hardware, software and IoT sensors in order to constantly watch and manage moisture level and temperature changes inside your silos.
  • Manage your grain condition anywhere there is an internet connection using your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Using traditional storage methods help maintain grain value and reduce losses, but you can significantly cut these losses and improve profits using smart storage technology from AGI SureTrack.
  • Preserve targeted grain quality and characteristics to command premium prices year after year.
  • Existing silo systems (from any brand) can be retrofitted to support AGI SureTrack hardware.
  • Proven Technology with installations around the world.
  • Expandable to include additional modules.
  • Fast ROI.

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