Grains are relatively warm post-harvest

Ideal for insect breeding and other activity like mould development. Grain, being a good insulator, loses heat very slowly which signifies that once it is cooled it maintains cold for a longer time.
25% of crops worldwide are contaminated with mycotoxins, Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin, Ergot alkaloids, Fumonisins, Zearalenone, Ochratoxin all of which can be controlled through chilling.

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Some points to note about chilling:

  • Avoids Risky Fumigation Requirements
  • No grain powdering
  • No discoloration
  • No recirculation required
  • Minimal respiration loss
  • Higher Profitability
  • Fast ROI
  • Weather Independent
  • No risk of grain spoilage for the total duration of storage
  • No risk of insects
  • No foul smell; harvest freshness is maintained
  • No risk of Fungal Growth & Mycotoxins
  • Maintain high germination rates

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