Aeration Control Systems

The AGRIDRY range of silo aeration units are designed to ensure that silo stored grain remains low in temperature, low in moisture and low in insect and mould activity.

With units designed to suit silos from 30t up to 300t, there is sure to be an AGRIDRY Aeration Unit that will enhance the quality of your silo stored grain.

When coupled with an AC21, EasyAer or V-One aeration controller, the F-Series of aeration is the smart choice for managing in-silo storage that maximises your energy efficiency, product quality and storage life.

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Suitable for silos

30T to 90T

Suitable for silos

90T to 130T

Suitable for silos

130T to 200T

Suitable for silos

200T to 300T

Suitable Silo
Airflow190L/s @ 500Pa380L/s @ 500Pa480L/s @500Pa700L/s @500Pa
Sealed As
Perforated Tube
Ø152mm x 1500mmØ255mm x 2400mmØ330mm x 2700mmØ330mm x 2700mm
HoodPolyurethanePolyurethaneFabricated GALFabricated GAL
OptionsHD SeriesHD Series--

Custom systems for larger storage requirements are available on request.


The AC21 is the perfect companion to your AGRIDRY F-Series Silo Aerators.

This complete aeration control system is pre-wired in a powder coated, weatherproof steel enclosure, ready for your local electrician to connect.

Because of poor power supply in many regional areas we frequently wire the system to stagger start the aeration fans to avoid overloading the system on startup.

The AGRIDRY AC21 Logging Aeration Controller is designed for use in grain storage applications where grain is required to be kept for a period of time. It chooses the best available conditions to cool grain by sensing natural ambient air conditions.


The EasyAer controller gives you all the functionality of a full system but the convenience of plug and play that does not require an electrician to install.

It is supplied with a 15amp inlet to connect your own extension lead and simply plug in your aeration fans into the weather proof 10amp outlets and you are ready to go.

The EasyAer controller is a time proportioning, logging controller and will take the guess work out of the set point control and move the set points for wet and dry bulb to match the ambient weather conditions.


The AGRIDRY V-Series range of switchboards are the most effective range of switchboards available for large scale aeration control.

The V-series switchboards range from two silo to twelve silo configurations and may be modified to run from single phase or three phase power sources.

As an option, V Series panels may feature the addition of wireless control and monitoring via radio outlet. This provides you with the convenience of keeping control of silo aeration remotely.

Sealable Silo Roof Vents

Sealed silos require suitable ventilation when in use with aeration systems. Agridry manufacture sealable roof vents that are designed to be retrofitted to most makes and models of sealed silo. They are able to be sealed, enabling effective fumigation of the silo when required.

Grain Spears

Grain spears are designed as a standalone aeration system for cooling and/or drying with ambient air for bulk commodities that are not stored conventional bulk storage facilities. These units are perfect for aerating grain of all varieties stored in one tonne bulk bags.

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