AGRIDRY Pty Ltd has specialised in the design and manufacture of dryers for agricultural and food processing applications for over 40 years.

The introduction of a mobile drying solution has seen widespread uptake in the farming community, resulting in 1000+ mobile dryers being supplied over the history of the company.

These machines have formed a critical component of harvesting operations for growers who reap in typically high moisture climatic conditions, and for those who seek to control the moisture content of their yield, delivering insurance against the potentially damaging effects of a wet harvest, minimised losses and greater returns to the bottom line.

Focused on the future

Agridry is firmly focused on the future of agriculture. With a robust innovation agenda, Agridry is partnering with a number of associations, bodies and universities to deliver cutting edge technology to the agricultural sector.

We are also working towards delivering Quality Management Systems and International Standards Certifications through partnerships with local and international bodies to ensure continuous improvement.


Agridry designs and manufactures dryers for a range of applications from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia. Our 6000+ square metre facility encompasses management and operations, raw material processing, fabrication, assembly and electrical design and production facilities.

Our state of the art design software combined with an ongoing strategic focus on research and development is constantly delivering new drying innovations. Some examples include the recent supply and commissioning of Agridry’s first three tier gas fired conveyor dryer, aptly named the Mammoth due to its size, the development of a pioneering aeration system that will deliver significant on-farm running cost savings, and the price competitive bulk commodity cleaning aspirator.

Agridry currently employs a mix of trade qualified boiler makers, sheet metal specialists, assemblers, and electricians to deliver a just-in-time manufacturing capability

Through innovation and sustainable techniques, AGRIDRY are leading the way in crop drying technology.