Bulk Material Reclaim Made Easy

Over the last 30 years, Vibrafloor has provided an innovative modular vibrating reclaim system for over 250 sites across the world, to completely empty bulk products from steel and concrete silos, hoppers, warehouses, railcars and ships. The system utilises the vibration generated by a low power vibrating motor, to create a wave in the flexible surface plate of each module. The wave action undermines and collapses the leading edge of cohesive and free flowing bulk products. That wave creates a progressive avalanche of the stored material, which can then be easily reclaimed, much like the erosion of a cliff at the ocean.

The range of cohesive and free flowing bulk products, that can be reclaimed from bulk silos is extensive and includes:

  • Biomass Silos (Wood Pallets, Woodchip, Sawdust, Bagasse, Husk)
  • Animal Feed Silos (Soyabean Meal, DDGS, Canola Meal, Feed Pallets)
  • Food & Agriculture Silos (Raw or Refined Sugar, Flour, Bran)
  • Cereal Silos (Wheat, Barley, Malt, Maize, Soyabean, Canola)
  • Industrial Silos (Cement, Fly-Asf, Potash, RDF, Fertiliser)

No other reclaim system for silos can provide the same balance of advantages

Which includes:

  • Routine maintenance, other than visual inspection
  • No damaging vibration or stress transfer to the silo or structure
  • Effective reclaiming of cohesive and free flowing bulk products
  • Very low energy consumption
  • High potential reclaim rates
  • Gentle action does not degrade products such as rice kernels, wood pellets, fertiliser crystals.
  • No restriction on the size or shape of a silo
  • No rotating or wearing parts (other than the motor)
  • Installed in new silos or retrofitted to existing flat bottom silos

Available now through AGRIDRY Dryers Pty Ltd – Toowoomba

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